Friday, April 22, 2016

...of all the things...

Such mystery sometimes in what gladdens or afflicts the heart: of all the things I saw today, this one strengthened me most

Old woman with a little blue-vested dog
coming out of the Bayview Village Mall washroom—
she so ancient, her companion minuscule,
held together by a taut thin line of pink.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Cold Fireflies

Cold Fireflies

Right-minded so far today
after three months of crazy—
what relief can compare?
It’s too deep for joy. Too delicate.

Three, four hours now since
waking in the still bed,
waking slowly, the covers                                    
not torn apart, the walls blank and holding.  

No breakthroughs yet. But
how long can it last?                                            
I’m half afraid to write these lines.                       
Even thinking them feels reckless.  

Just now. Watch these specks                              
of snow, so tiny, so intermittent,
appear and disappear in the air,
jig this way and dance that, cold            

fireflies, some finding their way
to the dark ground, where they melt.