Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Asylum Walk (35)

Ventriloquism. The usefulness of “throwing the voice” as a fictional strategy, i.e. inventing a character in a situation to voice your own outlook. Both to give a break from the yammering “I” and to lend a vitality, a projected out-thereness to an opinion that might otherwise be unheard because of its too-cosy familiarity.

The same can serve as a tactic against depression and bad mental habits. Another form that “as if” can take. Before you’re ready to own the new outlook, “throw” it to the dummy, let him say it. The dummy is already a part of you, an extension of your current repertoire. Get him talking, saying things before you’re ready to. He will surprise you, challenge you. Work on making his voice believable, fully separable from your own. Eventually you’ll own it. You’ll catch up to him.

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