Friday, October 16, 2009

Arnie's Punch (a shred of drama)

The tendency of psychiatric medications to cause sexual dysfunction seems, at best, a sick joke.

(A Big-Pharm boardroom, lattes. Arnie, celebrated celibate Chem-wiz, speaking)

“You have, er, very sad persons. Chronically low, lonely...people. We pick them up a bit, but fix it so they can’t get it on. Affect without effect. Heh heh. These, er, clients must catch the nearest bus to self-loathing. Recriminations...endless. Next stop is a higher dosage. They'll never get off the juice.”

(2 weeks later. Impromptu song at the company picnic, crooned falsetto by a kick line of naked and aroused revellers, high on Arnie's punch)

“If they can't get it on, get it on, get it on,
They'll never get off, get off, get off the...JUICE!”

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