Monday, February 4, 2013

Asylum Walk (33)

In evolutionary terms our brains are brand new; in addition, their structures have been modified by the accelerants of culture and challenged by conditions that the first users of our brain, those in whom and for whom it evolved, did not face, e.g. a highway at rush hour.

The brain is doing its best in conditions it was not specifically designed for.

Many of its features have little or nothing to do with what we want or need it to do now.

Sometimes you find yourself behind the wheel of a Porsche when you need a dump truck. Riding a subway car when you would rather be walking. Waiting for a bus when you need a fast limo. Trying to locate the calculating function on a mainframe when an abacus would serve. Waiting for a word processor with graphical interface to power up, with no stick and patch of dirt to hand.

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