Saturday, June 27, 2015

World in a Pond

World in a Pond

Trying to do more right than wrong,
climbing the livelong day,
                        at times the most                        
surprising allies arrive to stand beside you.
Raw volunteers shaking sleep from their eyes,
ready to lend queer shoulders to the wheel.

Today, that magical rock crevice we called
                                    The Pond
when it filled after several days’ rain
and morning found a frog, or two of them,
calling it home. Plopping and diving                     
and floating up goggle-eyed to check us out.
We brought them minnow companions, scooped    
with a little dipper net from the bay, snails
and crayfish, sunk in clumps of cosy moss and
grass weighted with stones so bright-veined
                        under the clear water.                       

World in a pond all our wonder and attention,
                                    absorbing us so
utterly we’d no regret when another day’s passion
snatched us away, too suddenly to watch 
Pond’s slow diminishment or wonder how its
citizens always found their way back to the 

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