Saturday, September 3, 2016

The Adjustment League (a novel by Mike Barnes)

“Masterful … The Adjustment League is suspenseful, exquisitely written and—at times—corrosively funny.”Maclean’s, Feature Profile and Editor’s Pick
“Mike Barnes’s The Adjustment League weaves together elements of a psychological drama and a noir thriller as it follows a nameless man who feels compelled to right the wrongs inflicted on the helpless … The dialogue flows naturally within a narrative that tightens, flares, and grows intense with perceptive  descriptions, references, and allusions … [B]oth a literary tour de force and a deft psychological thriller.”—Foreword Reviews 
“Recounted in fragmented, almost impressionistic prose that is sharp as glass shards, The Adjustment an intense journey into the underbelly of contemporary society, and a visceral descent into darkness. It is a powerful and original work, which succeeds as a mystery and something altogether deeper.”—Quill and Quire
The Adjustment League is a unique Noir thriller, fast-paced, dark and chilling but infused with a poet’s rich and compelling lode of metaphor and language – a dark gem of a book.”—Goodreads 
The Adjustment League’s superpower is in its crackling portraits. The Super takes his place in the queue of great damaged detectives (see Sherlock Holmes). ...It’s this Superman’s mind that’s stronger than steel.”The Globe and Mail 
“A deftly crafted noir mystery/suspense thriller of a novel by an author who is a master of the genre, The Adjustment League is a riveting read from cover to cover and highly recommended for community library collections.”Midwest Book Review 
“A literary thriller of stabbing insight that’s often corrosively funny”—Maclean's Best Books of 2016 

“… fiercely alive, marked by a sharp, unerring eye for detail and a wonderful way with metaphors.”Toronto Star
“His lucid prose brings to mind Poe’s Gothic horror, Hunter S. Thompson’s strangeness (without the drug-craze), and William Burroughs’ ellipsis (without the disintegration). But it is perhaps closest to Roald Dahl’s intimate exploration of human oddity and use of surprise in Switch Bitch.”Globe and Mail
“Barnes writes like a contrary angel, dazzling with his deft craft and smacking readers in the gut with concentrated and perceptive subjects.”Malahat Review

Published 23 August 2016 by Biblioasis .

Profile of author and book in Maclean's magazine (18 August 2016 issue).

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